Th excavation

The deposits are found from directly below the cave to all over the two stages of the terrace. The bedrock exposed at
west and northwest side of the lower stage continues on to the bedrock exposed in the wadi. Also, in view of the fact the
height of the lower stage from the wadi is less than 2 m, deposits of the lower stage cannot be expected to be so rich.
Few flints and bones were scattered around, and a few dozen were collected. Several blocks of breccia containing flints
and bones were found on the surface of the terrace.
The first expedition localized the site about 6 m higher than the bed of Wadi Keoue. Faces approximately NW. Rock
shelter type. The center of Shelter is decayed and fallen. The cave overhang forms two wings. Its length 2-3 m, about
3 m high, at the highest point. The terrace has upper and lower stages. The difference between heights of the two
stages is about 2 m. The upper stage of the terrace is about 14 m long and 14-15 m wide, and the lower stage, about
12 m long and about 18 m wide.
 Flint Implements of the Middle Palaeolitbic found at Keoue site.
Flint Implements of the Middle Palaeolitbic found at Keoue
site during the first Japanese expedition in 1967.
1. Square-ended Levallois flake-blade with retouched
2. Square-ended broad flake with retouched
3. Roughly triangular Levallois flake.
4. Square-ended Lavellois flake-blade with retouched
5. Point on a small triangular Levallois flake with
retouched striking-platform.
6. Unifacial point with the bulbar face retouched.
About 100 m downstream from Keoue site, on the bed of Wadi Keoue. Since it is a river bed, it is not suitable to regard
it as a site. Considered to be the flints washed out of Keoue site. This is sub-stantiated by the fact that flints were
found only downstream from the Keoue site. Very few complete flint implements. The physical condition of the flints,
such as patina, is similar to that found at Keoue site. Middle Palaeolithic.
Wadi Keoui Caves
Wadi Keoui Caves
Wadi Keoui Caves
Wadi Keoui Caves
Some of the widespread caves in Wadi Keoue between Bterram
Betroumin and Bdebba (Koura, Lebanon)
The Excavation
Keoue Caves
Neanderthal man
Wadi Keoue
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